✍🏽Art Description:

This original  artwork was created and inspired by Liv's creative perspective on the paradox of everyone ~ past, present and future ~ who forego their own unique and individual journey towards the same destination. We are all one yet unique in our own way. "Apperception" is how we subconsiously react to the world around us through our own individual experiences. 


🎨Medium: Procreate 2021


🤲🏽Apperception: the mental process by which a person makes sense of an idea by assimilating it to the body of ideas he or she already possesses / fully conscious perception. "an immediate apperception of a unity lying beyond"




🧵100% Polyester - three layered woven fabric 🧵



  • Washable 
  • scratch resistent


This fabric is wrinkle resistant with minimal light reflection. The minimal space between threads on this fabric allows for exceptional print quality and opacity, more than other standard fabrics. 


🧼Washing Instructions:

Fabric can be machine washed with cold water and gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry. Wrinkles or creases can be eliminate with hand steamer. Do NOT bleach, tumble dry, or iron.

3x3 Apperception Tapestry